Video editor app – inshort

Video editor and video maker-inshort

It is an highly recommend and popular video editing app with the 4.8 ranking in google store.

Pro Video Editor🎥 with Music🎶, Transitions, Slideshow, Emoji😆, Meme…

InShot – It is an Powerful FREE HD Video Editor and Video Maker with professional features. You can add music, transition effects, text, emoji and filters, blur background and much more

Professional video editing features, record your precious moments of your daily life.

InShot is also a photo editor .You can Edit pictures and selfie, make collage and add text and stickers. Make stories for Instagram.


  • Trim and cut videos
  • Video merger
  • Crop video and Export it in HD quality
  • Fit your video and photo in any Aspect Ratio
  • Reverse. Rewind your video by one click.
  • Rotate/Flip the video.
    You can add music, sound effects , transition efforts,
    Add videos efforts and filters.
    Add stickers and filters to your videos also memes !

It’s easy to share videos from inshot video app to different social media platforms to any quality.
There are a lot of stylish collage layouts and unique filters and colourful background, blur background.
1000+ stickers, add funny memes to your photos.

InShot is an editing app for videos and photos. With InShot, you can easily add music, text and emoji, make videos with cool effects and transitions. Fast/Slow motion feature is super fun. You can crop video easily and export it without losing quality, and share your vlogs to social media to get more likes, or edit video with music and pic for TikTok.
Overall it’s an best app .


1000s of Layouts! Design flyers, posters, logos, banners, vision boards & more!

As featured by Forbes, Product Hunt, Social Media Examiner and Terra!

From social media posts and ads to infographics and book covers, Desygner lets you design, edit and customize incredible graphics for any purpose!

With 1000s of unique templates to help you get started, you can make beautiful graphics in minutes!


• No payment for individual graphics or image packs
• Access millions of free images, fonts and icons
• Lots of fonts and graphics added each day
• 1000 of professionally designed templates
• You can create your own custom templates and layouts
• Add text, graphics and effects to your photos
• Make and edit designs from your phone, tablet or PC
• Share your designs with your friends
• Manage your designs and downloads from your project page

Desygner has a range of templates already sized perfectly.

You can also create thousands of daily stuff , eye-catching graphics, posters and flyers for your social media .

• Posters – Sale, Events, Clubs, Party, Inspirational, Music
• Business Cards – Photographic, Modern, Minimalist
• Flyers A5, A4, DL, US, international – Events, Clubs, Band, Real Estate, Business
• EBook covers, Kindle covers & Book covers
• Album Covers, CD, Podcast & Mixtape Covers
• Menus
• Letters
• Invoices
• Certificates
• Price Lists
• Newsletters

Create photo collage , Choose from 1000 of fonts, graphics and effects to suit your style. Adjust the line height, line spacing, alignment, position, color, and size to create your perfect photo design to share on social media or anywhere else

You can create your own custom layouts and templates of any size, dimensions and for any purpose. With Desygner, you have total creative freedom.

For just an amount a year, you can unlock all platforms to store colors, fonts, text and image assets, import elements from PSD and PDF files and get access to 1000 more premium templates. Prices may vary by country.

ESCAPE Game : 50 Rooms

Let’s start this new Escape Game

Published by : EasyBrain+

Copyright : 2020 EasyBrain+

Developed by : EasyBrain+

Release date : 4/17/2020

Approximate size : 358.76 MB

Age rating : For all ages

Category : Puzzle & trivia

If you are like detective minds and like to play hidden games then here is something you can consider.

It will be fun playing a game full of hidden objects all around beautiful or ugly rooms .

The game goes in a way that as you are trapped in a mansion of 50 Rooms and each room comes after the other.
The rooms are beautifully crafted and have great sounds and graphics.
The rooms also bring in the collection of some classic puzzles.

Escape Game: 50 Rooms 1 is a game that lets you find hidden objects across a room and get out of the room. For this version of the game it has almost 50 rooms which come one after the other. 

And you just have to pass the levels by finding hidden objects. In later levels (I would rather prefer say rooms) you have to solve the puzzles, there can be more than 2 puzzles in later levels.  

If you wish to solve it quickly you can also have boosters by just watching a video. You also get daily bonus points too. 

Escape Game: 50 Rooms 1 is a game that lets you find hidden objects across a room and get out of the room. For this version of the game it has almost 50 rooms which come one after the other.

And you just have to pass the levels by finding hidden objects. In later levels (I would rather prefer say rooms) you have to solve the puzzles, there can be more than 2 puzzles in later levels.
If you wish to solve it quickly you can also have boosters by just watching a video. You also get daily bonus points too.

Promoting Care of Our Environment in June – #readilearn

Every day is a good day for caring for our environment and for ensuring that the next generation accept their role in doing so with enthusiasm. However, in June, some days provide an opportunity for participating in an international movement focusing on the environment: 5 June World Environment Day 8 June World Oceans Day 22 […]

Promoting Care of Our Environment in June – #readilearn

Some techniques that can be used by the organisation as it’s Marketing strategies

• Answering to yahoo answers, quora and other sites

• Adding and boosting positive feedbacks and reviews screenshots at the website as well.

• Landing on many social media platforms like LinkedIn , Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, Quora, BizSugar, Airbnb etc.
 Share screenshots of new intitave, reviews of satisfied customers or brands
 Company’s new initiatives, growth, workings and data rich infographics
 Solving other brand’s queries and publish great and specific content.
 Writing articles about brands (or of company) expertise fields

• Creating Google My business account

• Doing some local SEO

• Try guerilla marketing its easy , cheap and effective

• Setup business listing on Google and bing

• Apps can be designed in a user friendly manner

• Develop an email marketing to keep brands updated and engaged with the company from time to time (everyday, weekly) emails can be send on customer choice of preference and trending hashtags etc

• Can give exiting offers and discounts to brands

• Mobile application distributers which are free of charge and from registrations are Amazon app store, Blackberry world and Huawei AppGalley Etc.

Marketing strategy for application on appstores

There are many different types of app stores available in the market so to increase downloads and influence more brands to sign up in a particular brand , they can be available on some widely used app stores such as Google play store ,apple app store and Amazon app stores.

Since marketing strategies can be collaborated with the app development process there are a lot of optimization tricks to use for an application to create awareness among masses.

Some of the extract of all store optimization tips are:
App name& keywords
App name format
App description
App screenshots
App store ratings
App update

  • App name and keywords —— Using specific keywords in titles can be beneficial. As search algorithms scan the app name for keywords, when a user searches for their keywords, the search algorithms may share the company’s app, and once the search matches the user can get to see app.But the keyword search should be limited and not be burden with many words.
  • App name format
    The company can use many formats for this such as “Brand name- keywords”. To add reverent keywords to their name. Some EXAMPLES of this can be: Google maps- navigation & transit. It is also very useful to add only URL friendly characters in our titles, particularly in the app store. Avoid use of any special characters and emojis.

  • App Discription
    Though app description length doesn’t have a very big impact, but it’s important to keep it more exact, easy to understand and should reflect about the applications main focus to the brands or users going to use it.
  • App screenshots
    The first two screenshots of the app should be telling about a single message about the application (that can be made through editing), adding short caption text on the screenshots can help. Atleast five screenshots can be made and added. Also a small preview video can be added at the end of the screenshots to give a tour about the applications main purpose and goals.
  • App store ratings
    Ratings and reviews can have a great impact on users. The apps need average ratings of 4 or above. Can ask satisfied customers or brands to rate and give their positive feedbacks or reviews at the app store. This could give other users a good impression about the application. Not only people but can also use forums like xda developers and AppBrain to get reviews and share information about the application.
  • App updates —- Updating apps regularly with new features, fixing bugs, solving technical issues, making it more secure and more comparative to the users is a good technique. It improves the user loyalty and keeps the app top of mind because the app will up in the update list, it gives good impression. It can also be budget friendly as it depends at which app store the app is being updated. Like in Google it might cost up to $25 and on Amazon appstore it could be $99.

Pyramid solitaire saga

So pyramid solitaire saga game is as simple as other solitaire games .

Seller : limited
Year: unknown
Size : 218.3MB
Series: Saga
Category : Game
Last update: 3 may 2021

Release on : 30 June 2014

The link to download from Google app store

The game came in special entertainment pack of Microsoft games in year 1990.

It gives a feeling of exploration of a guy who with his little helper mouse travels the ancient world to reveal the ultimate screat . Just clear the levels and become a magnificent explorer.

The map is presented before you and also a cards of deck to chose from in which you can chose the way you want your cards to look like .

The exact reason for its launch was unclear . But it was easy to play .


1. You just have to download it from your app store.

2. Login through your Facebook account or anonymously .

3. Get connected with your friends, family or people around you playing the games

4. Pass the simple tutorial guide and it’s ready to play !

5. Have fun !

How to play

You just have to choose your booster before the playing .

Start to play….

Pass the levels and try your luck!

All the best! !

Having trouble solving the level . Subscribe to my YouTube channel and check out how to clear the level .

Candy Crush

No, doubt that candy crush is played on all 7 continents even on antartica!

Here , is the most played game of the year . Which has been awarded for: People’s choice awards for favorite mobile game . This game is developed by the King the developer of many other games too. The publisher is also the king .

It was initially released on 12 April 2012 .

Browser:. April 12, 2012
iOS: November 14, 2012
Android: December 14, 2012
Fire OS: December 11, 2014
Windows Phone: September 6, 2012
Microsoft Windows: July 29, 2015
Genre: Puzzle Mode: Single-player

The game is just about the swiping and matching of the candies, you can match as many as number of candies you want to make new combination or boosters, the favourite of every one .

Each day a new level is added to it and one will never get bored playing it😉 .

Here is the official site link :

Check out the Facebook page of Candy Crush:


  • Candy crush is Facebook’s no.1 app.
  • The addictive app roughly makes $ 633,000 per day .
  • The game is most played in hongkong.
  • Candy crush has been featured in a music video .
  • There are more than 436,000 photos tagged#candycrudh on Instagram.
  • People actually spend cash to get lives , moves and boosts.
  • Candy crush has 132.9 MN active monthly Facebook users.
  • It has 19 million downloads daily!
candy crush-1

Candy crush saga-lead
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